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Cooperating People

The got peace?® Mission

got peace?® is a grassroots company started by us to promote our slogan and life motto: got peace?®. We have no political affiliation, hidden agenda, or ulterior motives; we simply want to bring a message of peace to the people of our community, our country, and our world.

Soldiers for Peace

We believe that everyone—regardless of age, gender, or background—has the ability and power to help others achieve more peaceful lives. As soldiers for peace, we live this belief every day. The happy, stress-free life that we've created for ourselves empowers us to help others achieve the same happiness. Now it's your turn to give back and promote peace.

Supporting Charities

With our peace mentality in mind, we realized that one of the best ways to help others is with monetary contributions to established charities that are already doing amazing work. We donate a percentage of all our sales to support select organizations, including those that help cancer patients recover from the disease. You too can be a part of our initiative by visiting our online store, making a purchase, and thereby contributing to a worthwhile charity. Contact us for more information about the charities we support.

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